Get ready for the world’s biggest inflatable breast. Here’s a sneak preview from a previous appearance in Salisbury, county town of Wiltshire. But to see the breast in its full glory, in its London debut, in fact, you’ll have to come to Victoria Embankment Gardens, next to Embankment tube, WC2N 6NS, 16 September, between 11 and 2.30 approx.

Thanks to Angela & co at Inflatable Body Organs. Registration is not needed, but if you want to let us know you’re coming, feel free to email:




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Pink Ribbon is the growing international network of doctors, researchers, charities and other campaigners, interested in bringing forward the date where breast cancer-related deaths are a thing of the past. It focuses on events and information provision, including website bulletins, conferences and awards (being planned for 2018). It is led by publisher Gerard Dugdill.

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