Congratulations Radka – Pink Ribbon bag


Left to right: Galina Hartshorn, Nina Edwards, Radka, Galia Yakimova, Gerard
Dugdill (Pink Ribbon publisher)

Congratulations to Radka Sillerova, pictured, with mates, of Hands-free bag, who has developed a special Pink Ribbon bag, launched at the recent Best You Expo in London. Radka is hoping to sell 40 bags in aid of the national hereditary breast cancer helpline.

To buy one of the bags, please visit


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Pink Ribbon is the growing international network of doctors, researchers, charities and other campaigners, interested in bringing forward the date where breast cancer-related deaths are a thing of the past. It focuses on events and information provision, including website bulletins, conferences and awards (being planned for 2018). It is led by publisher Gerard Dugdill.

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