• The global charity everyone thinks currently exists but doesn’t
  • A work in progress, an idea to co-ordinate global prevention and cure initiatives 
  • Six global offices, a global campaign, awards run every two years

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“Global charity for a global campaign”

Breast cancer prevention and cure is at a crossroads.The campaign against breast cancer has yielded many positive results. It’s impossible to look back without recognising how far we’ve come.

However, everywhere around us today, there are many reminders of the terrible toll this disease continues to exact on patients and families’ health, as well as, psychological and financial struggles.

There is no denying the urgent need to do more and persist in our efforts.

We need to support patients, doctors, carers and those searching for a cure. We must ensure early detection tools and quality treatments are available to all and we must mobilise a global political campaign encouraging leaders, governments and policies behind us.

Global Challenge

In the last 20 years, Pink Ribbon’s work has focused on our magazine, the annual ‘A Night of Fashion’ launch party, online information, and a series of conferences in London, including the Pink Ribbon forum, where medical practitioners from around the world have shared their knowledge with fellow professionals, patients and campaigners.

Moving forward, we wish to develop global campaigning and lobbying activity, which will be critical in the effort to beat breast cancer.

The final piece of the jigsaw, we believe, is the Pink Ribbon Awards. It will be launched in London and then taken around the world to each of the six continents.

The awards celebrate the progress achieved and the heroes in this campaign, encouraging redoubled support and awareness for the cause across all sectors of society.

Our Main Objective

We want our global efforts to create a level playing field of excellence in prevention and cure strategies across the entire world, so breast cancer related mortality becomes a thing of the past. Let’s try in the next 15 years to make this happen.

To achieve all this, we need a global organisation.

If you have thoughts, comments, objections or ideas, please get in touch.  

We have a global masterplan we are happy to share so people can check our progress.

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