Breast Medicine Now – Join The Webinar (16th March 2022)


About the webinar

This online webinar, arranged by Pink Ribbon in collaboration with European partners, is an urgent policy summit addressing the crisis in breast medicine post lockdown, addressing the four areas below.

The webinar on Wednesday, 16 March 2022 will consist of four one-hour online sessions, with two to three short talks followed by open discussion for 15-20 mins and including 45 minute break. A range of consultants and organisational interests have contributed to the draft programme to date.

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Webinar Speakers For Breast-Medicine Now 16 March 2022

Webinar Speakers For Breast-Medicine Now 16 March 2022


Webinar Timetable

Wednesday 16th March 2022, 11:40-14:50 GMT (inc. break). Breast Medicine Now webinar Timetable.


11:40 – 12:10 SESSION ONE: Where are we now?

Welcome and introduction. Gerard Dugdill, publishing director, Pink Ribbon;

hand over to chair: Dr Kathleen Thompson, pharmaceutical physician and author, From Both Ends of the Stethoscope – Getting Through Breast Cancer By A Doctor Who Knows.

Experiences from the Royal Liverpool: screening levels, delays and the “worried well”: some practical advice.

Geraldine Mitchell, consultant breast surgeon; with perspectives from Cancer Alliance

12:10 – 12:20 Q&A
12:20 – 13:00 SESSION TWO: Further international perspectives

Where is the policy headed – EU perspective?  Perspectives from a European clinic. Intro to clinic and proton therapy, referrals, current status of treatments in EU, collaboration.

Vladimír Vondráček, Vlastimil Roun & colleagues, Proton Therapy Clinic, Prague, Czech Republic

The view from Africa: what’s happened, what needs to happen?

Dr. Mrs Beatrice Wiafe, MD, PhD, President and Founder, Breast Care International; CEO, Peace and Love Hospitals. Ghana, Africa

13.00 – 13:10 Q&A
13:10 – 13:40 Lunch break.
Networking and messaging will be available on the open link
13:40 – 14:10 SESSION THREE: Towards future therapies

Where do things stand, what do we need?

Jo Taylor, ABC Diagnosis

Drug markers and trials: towards a more robust system

Dr Aleksandra Filipovic, Honorary Clinical Research Fellow, Department of Surgery & Cancer, Imperial College, London

14:10 – 14:15 Q&A
14:15 – 14:40 SESSION FOUR: New challenges

What does “palliative chemotherapy” mean in the modern era, a trans-Atlantic perspective?

Alfred Neugut, Myron M Studner professor of cancer research (in medicine) and professor epidemiology at the Columbia University Medical Center


Dr Chris Twelves, Professor of Clinical Cancer Pharmacology and Oncology, Leeds Institute of Medical Research, University of Leeds    Hon Consultant Medical Oncologist and Clinical Director, Leeds NIHR Clinical Research Facility, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

The last word – post covid issues in breast cancer moving forward…

Professor J Michael Dixon, OBE, Professor of Surgery & Consultant Surgeon; Clinical Director, Edinburgh Breast Cancer Now Research Group

14.40 – 14:50 Q&A
14.50 CLOSE


Who is this webinar for?

Suitable for breast cancer advocates, patient support groups, policy makers. Informed by patients and medical practitioners throughout the patient cycle. Also, life support professionals, from employment and finance to counselling. In sum, three groups: patients, practitioners, politicians / policy makers.

Why is this webinar important?

Breast medicine impacted in the following areas (as per programme description):

  1. Screening: delays and waiting lists.
  2. Hospital and surgery: get back to normal.
  3. Trials: making up the shortfall.
  4. Collaborations: fixing the broken third sector

The webinar will focus on key questions such as:

  • Urgent assessment of breast medicine needs post lockdown
  • Creation of policies to address those needs
  • Timetable across Europe geographies


Learn more: Watch Gerard Dugdill, Pink Ribbon’s publishing director explain what the webinar entails

The video will answer the following questions:

  1. What’s this webinar about? 
  2. Who are the speakers likely to be?
  3.  What’s the content of the webinar?
  4.  Do people need to stay online for the whole event?
  5.  What is Pink Ribbon?
  6.  Who is making this event come true?
  7. Is this an extension of the previous Breast Cancer Forum, but in online format. 

We encourage you to watch it and see what Gerard Dugdill, Pink Ribbon’s publishing director, says about the coming webinar. He also shares with great enthusiasm what he hope the participants will get out of the webinar. Register for this webinar is FREE. More details about the programme here.

We welcome you to register for the webinar that is happening on 16th March 2022. Please familiarise yourself with the webinar programme and register for a FREE webinar here or via a button below.

BREAST MEDICINE NOW: Policy Priorities

Date: Wednesday 16th March 2022
Time: 11:30 – 15:00 (GMT)
Format: Free online webinar, four one-hour online sessions (come and go as you please).

Webinar Programme Register here


The problems and topics the webinar will focus on

A range of consultants and organisational interests have contributed to the draft programme to date. Names will be filled in as the programme takes shape and approval is gained. In the meantime, please have a look at our previous forum in 2018 that brought together brilliant practitioners and courageous survivors.

The Pink Ribbon webinar will address such topics and current problems like:

  • Screening – delays in screening. Cancers not detected, or bigger cancers. Waiting lists. Non-routine cases not seen. More women are likely to need mastectomy and chemotherapy. Survival rates fall.
  • Hospital & Surgery – Difficulties with face to face appointments and staffing. Delays in surgery, imaging and reporting mean women are exceeding an acceptable time between diagnosis and surgery. Elective non-cancer surgery such as reconstructions and revision cancelled and delayed, impacting quality of life.
  • Trials – Neglect of trials. Huge investment needed. Surgery first, chemo second approach has failed. New drug markers. Individual treatments needed.
  • Living with and beyond – Revitalising the third sector.

Key questions of the webinar will be ‘How can policy evolve to tackle problems faced? How can international cooperation be increased?’ because it is our belief that only when united the breast cancer can be fought with full power.

This event will launch a strong collaboration Pink Ribbon UK and Pink Ribbon EU. We hope to carry on with this fruitful partnership.

Please feel free to sign up to the newsletter to stay up to date with webinar details if you are still considering whether you would like to participate or register for the webinar here.

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