Dear Community, these are our current priorities and current scheduled events for the 2023-24 period. Feel free to get in touch with any queries or interest.


  • 1. GLOBAL PRIORITIES SUMMIT. Looking at key challenges and opportunities, including a focus on innovation. Working on active proposal with central London partner.
  • 2. BREAST MEDICINE NOW 2 – continuing our research to help establish needs in a number of European geographies. PINK RIBBON EUROPE. Looking at various partnerships, including with EU projects.
  • 3. SORT SCREENING. A major campaign in the UK to perfect the breast screening regime, for all types of breast cancer. Bringing in corporate IT and data partners. Scheme could be used as a template for other regions. Ongoing with various partners.
  • 4. PINK RIBBON AFRICA. Partnership with Breast Care International in Ghana / West Africa. Initial work is needs assessment, and the creation of a strategy to boost service provision, and the “patient journey”. Proposal in progress, potentially linking with other current campaigns.
  • 5. INCLUSIVE TRIALS. Work with Clinispan Health on trials inclusivity, following our Pink Ribbon Partnerships event 2023.
  • 6. Review of work in metastatic breast cancer, with possible GLOBAL METASTATIC DATA campaign. Early discussions with ABC Global Alliance.
  • 7. FINANCIAL FUNDS. Creation of a series of high-finance funds in various regions, eg PINK RIBBON AFRICA with Mauritius, and PINK RIBBON CARIBBEAN via Cayman Islands. Working with various jurisdictions and tech/legal support.
  • 8. More work on developing offices in other jurisdictions, ASIA, AUSTRALASIA, SOUTH AMERICA.
  • 9. Possible extra: Art Oncology competition. Sourcing partner.


  • London Fashion Week Partnership event, 16 Sep, London DONE
  • Pink Ribbon Partnerships event. Launching Pink Ribbon. 28 Sep, London DONE
  • Global Priorities summit, also with charity/awards launch Sep 24 with follow up event later in year or early 25.
  • Pink Ribbon awards I New York, fall 2024 or 2025

Many thanks.



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Pink Ribbon is the new global charity seeking to make breast cancer-related deaths are a thing of the past. It focuses on political lobbying and campaigning, and the showcase Pink Ribbon awards. Global MD Gerard Dugdill

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