Pink Ribbon Webinar: Breast Medicine Now in UK & Europe, 16 March 22


WE have been waiting for this for quite some time and now we are extremely happy to announce a date for the Pink Ribbon webinar ‘Breast Medicine Now: Policy Priorities’, looking at initially at UK and European perspectives.

The webinar will take place between 11:40 to 14:50 (GMT) on Wednesday, 16 March 2022. Four one-hour online sessions, with two to three short talks followed by open discussion for 15-20 mins and including 45 minute break. More details to follow – please subscribe to be notified.

A range of consultants and organisational interests have contributed to the draft programme to date. Names will be filled in as the programme takes shape and approval is gained. In the meantime, please have a look at our previous forum in 2018 that brought together brilliant practitioners and courageous survivors.

The Pink Ribbon webinar will address such topics and current problems like:

  • Screening – delays in screening. Cancers not detected, or bigger cancers. Waiting lists. Non-routine cases not seen. More women are likely to need mastectomy and chemotherapy. Survival rates fall.
  • Hospital & Surgery – Difficulties with face to face appointments and staffing. Delays in surgery, imaging and reporting mean women are exceeding an acceptable time between diagnosis and surgery. Elective non-cancer surgery such as reconstructions and revision cancelled and delayed, impacting quality of life.
  • Trials – Neglect of trials. Huge investment needed. Surgery first, chemo second approach has failed. New drug markers. Individual treatments needed.
  • Living with and beyond – Revitalising the third sector.

Key questions of the webinar will be ‘How can policy evolve to tackle problems faced? How can international cooperation be increased?’ because it is our belief that only when united the breast cancer can be fought with full power.

This event will launch a strong collaboration Pink Ribbon UK and Pink Ribbon EU. We hope to carry on with this fruitful partnership.

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Pink Ribbon is the new global charity seeking to make breast cancer-related deaths are a thing of the past. It focuses on political lobbying and campaigning, and the showcase Pink Ribbon awards. Global MD Gerard Dugdill

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