The Noble Face Of Despair


April Kirkwood, LPC

Sitting alone, a woman with breast cancer patiently endures yet another round of treatment.  She stares out of the window as her mind zooms in countless directions with questions that have no easy answers.  The woman has vowed to stay strong for her family.  She bravely endures the port that throbs and aches when she lifts her arm without complaining. She even cheers up her pastor with positive accolades about God’s comfort.  But inside, she fearfully shivers with trepidation.  This woman is ‘dis at ease’ wishing only to return to the carefree girl that once loved to wear ribbons in her hair and pink sweaters just because it made her feel pretty.  Today, she looks now with one missing breaks feeling like a stranger to her body.  She feels broken, lost, and alone in this treacherous battle.

Sound familiar?

Too often cancer patients detach themselves protecting those they love by masking their true emotions.  However, It is those false pretenses that hinder the  greatest opportunity for physical and emotional healing.

But what if we would look at having cancer differently?  Something very healing happens when women allow themselves to view this disease as just a small part of their destiny and not a death sentence. In fact, sitting with pain has much to tell us about life. Experiences, sorrow, inferiorities, and heartaches that have been hidden for too long can come to light so we can look at them and release what no longer serves our best selves.  Misconceptions about sin, shame, regret, and death are then replaced with more gentle, positive energies. These higher vibrational truths permeate throughout our essence immersing healing energy to both body and spirit. 

Women who have gone to the darkest depths of their souls rise up victorous as queens who rule their world.  They now stand nobley perceiving their sickness with new awareness as well as life and death as never before. Owning truth, enlarging  perceptions, and befriending cancer frees women and those they love with a deeper sense of knowing so they face whatever happens with flexibility, wisdom, grace, and fearlessness. 


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Pink Ribbon is the new global charity seeking to make breast cancer-related deaths are a thing of the past. It focuses on political lobbying and campaigning, and the showcase Pink Ribbon awards. Global MD Gerard Dugdill

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