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Dear Pink Ribbon Community

Please find here the link to our webinar session, Breast Medicine Now, played out on 16 March 2022. A huge thanks to all those who participated in the event, speakers, attendees and organisers. You all know who you are!

There were a huge range of informative and challenging perspectives offered, on subjects ranging from screening and the new “worried well”, to proton therapies, to the latest in personalised medicine, to how hospitals have carried on through “lockdown”. We had contributions from as far afield as Liverpool, Lancashire to Ghana, to Prague, to New York, New York.

There were some startling insights into how medicine has been affected during the last two years, which we are about to distill into a summary report looking at what has happened and how we can move forward, with some story highlights to come too.

Listen out to Chris Twelves and Alfred Neugut’s discussion of how the word “palliative” in chemotherapy circles can perhaps be amended or replaced to offer more hope and encouragement to those whose treatments are very much keeping them alive. If terminology is important, this section can point to a useful development in the offing into how to we can to use language and education to focus more effectively on metastatic treatments that can work.

White Paper Report is here

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