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In this post we will answer all key questions around the Pink Ribbon webinar on 16th March 2022. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, if you would like to participate. Please follow this link to register.


This online webinar, arranged by Pink Ribbon in collaboration with European partners, is an urgent policy summit addressing the crisis in breast medicine post lockdown, addressing the four areas below.

The webinar on Wednesday, 16 March 2022 will consist of four one-hour online sessions, with two to three short talks followed by open discussion for 15-20 mins and including 45 minute break. A range of consultants and organisational interests have contributed to the draft programme to date.


Suitable for breast cancer advocates, patient support groups, policy makers. Informed by patients and medical practitioners throughout the patient cycle. Also, life support professionals, from employment and finance to counselling. In sum, three groups: patients, practitioners, politicians / policy makers.

The Breast Medicine Now webinar is arranged in collaboration with all European governments and the EU as well as charities such as Europa Donna, ABC Global Alliance, other major Euro charities and campaigners, Met Up.


Breast medicine impacted in the following areas (as per programme description):

  1. Screening: delays and waiting lists.
  2. Hospital and surgery: get back to normal.
  3. Trials: making up the shortfall.
  4. Collaborations: fixing the broken third sector

The webinar will focus on key questions such as:

  • Urgent assessment of breast medicine needs post lockdown
  • Creation of policies to address those needs
  • Timetable across Europe geographies
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Pink Ribbon is the new global charity seeking to make breast cancer-related deaths are a thing of the past. It focuses on political lobbying and campaigning, and the showcase Pink Ribbon awards. Global MD Gerard Dugdill

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